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TrashRespawnWorker Class Reference

Public Member Functions

void operator() (Creature *creature) const

Member Function Documentation

void TrashRespawnWorker::operator() ( Creature creature) const
144  {
145  switch (creature->GetEntry())
146  {
149  case NPC_EGG_PILE:
152  if (!creature->IsAlive())
153  creature->Respawn(true);
154  break;
156  creature->DespawnOrUnsummon();
157  break;
158  }
159  }
void DespawnOrUnsummon(uint32 msTimeToDespawn=0)
Definition: Creature.cpp:1774
Definition: firelands.h:43
Definition: firelands.h:42
bool IsAlive() const
Definition: Unit.h:1692
Definition: firelands.h:46
Definition: firelands.h:44
void Respawn(bool force=false)
Definition: Creature.cpp:1697
uint32 GetEntry() const
Definition: Object.h:107
Definition: firelands.h:47
Definition: firelands.h:45

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