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instance_sunken_temple::instance_sunken_temple_InstanceMapScript Struct Reference

Public Member Functions

 instance_sunken_temple_InstanceMapScript (Map *map)
void OnGameObjectCreate (GameObject *go) override
virtual void Update (uint32) override
void UseStatue (GameObject *go)
void SetData (uint32 type, uint32 data) override
uint32 GetData (uint32 type) const override
- Public Member Functions inherited from InstanceScript
 InstanceScript (Map *map)
virtual ~InstanceScript ()
virtual void Initialize ()
virtual void Load (char const *data)
virtual std::string GetSaveData ()
void SaveToDB ()
virtual bool IsEncounterInProgress () const
virtual void OnCreatureCreate (Creature *creature) override
virtual void OnCreatureRemove (Creature *creature) override
virtual void OnGameObjectRemove (GameObject *go) override
ObjectGuid GetObjectGuid (uint32 type) const
virtual ObjectGuid GetGuidData (uint32 type) const override
CreatureGetCreature (uint32 type)
GameObjectGetGameObject (uint32 type)
virtual void OnPlayerEnter (Player *)
void HandleGameObject (ObjectGuid guid, bool open, GameObject *go=nullptr)
void DoUseDoorOrButton (ObjectGuid guid, uint32 withRestoreTime=0, bool useAlternativeState=false)
void DoCloseDoorOrButton (ObjectGuid guid)
void DoRespawnGameObject (ObjectGuid guid, uint32 timeToDespawn=MINUTE)
void DoUpdateWorldState (uint32 worldstateId, uint32 worldstateValue)
void DoSendNotifyToInstance (char const *format,...)
void DoUpdateAchievementCriteria (AchievementCriteriaTypes type, uint32 miscValue1=0, uint32 miscValue2=0, Unit *unit=NULL)
void DoStartTimedAchievement (AchievementCriteriaTimedTypes type, uint32 entry)
void DoStopTimedAchievement (AchievementCriteriaTimedTypes type, uint32 entry)
void DoRemoveAurasDueToSpellOnPlayers (uint32 spell)
void DoCastSpellOnPlayers (uint32 spell)
bool ServerAllowsTwoSideGroups ()
virtual bool SetBossState (uint32 id, EncounterState state)
EncounterState GetBossState (uint32 id) const
CreatureBoundary constGetBossBoundary (uint32 id) const
virtual bool CheckAchievementCriteriaMeet (uint32, Player const *, Unit const *=NULL, uint32=0)
virtual bool CheckRequiredBosses (uint32, Player const *=nullptr) const
void UpdateEncounterState (EncounterCreditType type, uint32 creditEntry, Unit *source)
void SetCompletedEncountersMask (uint32 newMask)
uint32 GetCompletedEncounterMask () const
void SendEncounterUnit (uint32 type, Unit *unit=NULL, uint8 param1=0, uint8 param2=0)
virtual void FillInitialWorldStates (WorldPackets::WorldState::InitWorldStates &)
void UpdatePhasing ()
uint32 GetEncounterCount () const
- Public Member Functions inherited from ZoneScript
 ZoneScript ()
virtual ~ZoneScript ()
virtual uint32 GetCreatureEntry (ObjectGuid::LowType, CreatureData const *data)
virtual uint32 GetGameObjectEntry (ObjectGuid::LowType, uint32 entry)
virtual void OnUnitDeath (Unit *)
virtual void SetGuidData (uint32, ObjectGuid)
virtual uint64 GetData64 (uint32) const
virtual void SetData64 (uint32, uint64)
virtual void ProcessEvent (WorldObject *, uint32)

Public Attributes

ObjectGuid GOAtalaiStatue1
ObjectGuid GOAtalaiStatue2
ObjectGuid GOAtalaiStatue3
ObjectGuid GOAtalaiStatue4
ObjectGuid GOAtalaiStatue5
ObjectGuid GOAtalaiStatue6
ObjectGuid GOAtalaiIdol
uint32 State
bool s1
bool s2
bool s3
bool s4
bool s5
bool s6
- Public Attributes inherited from InstanceScript

Additional Inherited Members

- Static Public Member Functions inherited from InstanceScript
static std::string GetBossStateName (uint8 state)
- Protected Member Functions inherited from InstanceScript
void SetHeaders (std::string const &dataHeaders)
void SetBossNumber (uint32 number)
void LoadBossBoundaries (BossBoundaryData const &data)
void LoadDoorData (DoorData const *data)
void LoadMinionData (MinionData const *data)
void LoadObjectData (ObjectData const *creatureData, ObjectData const *gameObjectData)
void AddObject (Creature *obj, bool add)
void AddObject (GameObject *obj, bool add)
void AddObject (WorldObject *obj, uint32 type, bool add)
virtual void AddDoor (GameObject *door, bool add)
void AddMinion (Creature *minion, bool add)
virtual void UpdateDoorState (GameObject *door)
void UpdateMinionState (Creature *minion, EncounterState state)
BossInfoGetBossInfo (uint32 id)
bool ReadSaveDataHeaders (std::istringstream &data)
void ReadSaveDataBossStates (std::istringstream &data)
virtual void ReadSaveDataMore (std::istringstream &)
void WriteSaveDataHeaders (std::ostringstream &data)
void WriteSaveDataBossStates (std::ostringstream &data)
virtual void WriteSaveDataMore (std::ostringstream &)
bool _SkipCheckRequiredBosses (Player const *player=nullptr) const

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

instance_sunken_temple::instance_sunken_temple_InstanceMapScript::instance_sunken_temple_InstanceMapScript ( Map map)
61  : InstanceScript(map)
62  {
64  State = 0;
66  s1 = false;
67  s2 = false;
68  s3 = false;
69  s4 = false;
70  s5 = false;
71  s6 = false;
72  }
bool s4
Definition: instance_sunken_temple.cpp:87
bool s1
Definition: instance_sunken_temple.cpp:84
void SetHeaders(std::string const &dataHeaders)
Definition: InstanceScript.cpp:98
#define DataHeader
Definition: baradin_hold.h:25
InstanceScript(Map *map)
Definition: InstanceScript.h:144
uint32 State
Definition: instance_sunken_temple.cpp:82
bool s3
Definition: instance_sunken_temple.cpp:86
bool s5
Definition: instance_sunken_temple.cpp:88
bool s2
Definition: instance_sunken_temple.cpp:85
bool s6
Definition: instance_sunken_temple.cpp:89

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Member Function Documentation

uint32 instance_sunken_temple::instance_sunken_temple_InstanceMapScript::GetData ( uint32  type) const

Reimplemented from ZoneScript.

192  {
193  if (type == EVENT_STATE)
194  return State;
195  return 0;
196  }
Definition: deadmines.h:34
uint32 State
Definition: instance_sunken_temple.cpp:82
void instance_sunken_temple::instance_sunken_temple_InstanceMapScript::OnGameObjectCreate ( GameObject go)

Reimplemented from InstanceScript.

92  {
93  switch (go->GetEntry())
94  {
95  case GO_ATALAI_STATUE1: GOAtalaiStatue1 = go->GetGUID(); break;
96  case GO_ATALAI_STATUE2: GOAtalaiStatue2 = go->GetGUID(); break;
97  case GO_ATALAI_STATUE3: GOAtalaiStatue3 = go->GetGUID(); break;
98  case GO_ATALAI_STATUE4: GOAtalaiStatue4 = go->GetGUID(); break;
99  case GO_ATALAI_STATUE5: GOAtalaiStatue5 = go->GetGUID(); break;
100  case GO_ATALAI_STATUE6: GOAtalaiStatue6 = go->GetGUID(); break;
101  case GO_ATALAI_IDOL: GOAtalaiIdol = go->GetGUID(); break;
102  }
103  }
ObjectGuid GOAtalaiStatue1
Definition: instance_sunken_temple.cpp:74
Definition: instance_sunken_temple.cpp:33
ObjectGuid GOAtalaiStatue5
Definition: instance_sunken_temple.cpp:78
Definition: instance_sunken_temple.cpp:35
ObjectGuid GOAtalaiStatue3
Definition: instance_sunken_temple.cpp:76
Definition: instance_sunken_temple.cpp:32
Definition: instance_sunken_temple.cpp:34
ObjectGuid GOAtalaiIdol
Definition: instance_sunken_temple.cpp:80
Definition: instance_sunken_temple.cpp:37
ObjectGuid const & GetGUID() const
Definition: Object.h:105
ObjectGuid GOAtalaiStatue4
Definition: instance_sunken_temple.cpp:77
uint32 GetEntry() const
Definition: Object.h:107
Definition: instance_sunken_temple.cpp:36
Definition: instance_sunken_temple.cpp:38
ObjectGuid GOAtalaiStatue2
Definition: instance_sunken_temple.cpp:75
ObjectGuid GOAtalaiStatue6
Definition: instance_sunken_temple.cpp:79

+ Here is the call graph for this function:

void instance_sunken_temple::instance_sunken_temple_InstanceMapScript::SetData ( uint32  type,
uint32  data 

Reimplemented from ZoneScript.

186  {
187  if (type == EVENT_STATE)
188  State = data;
189  }
Definition: deadmines.h:34
uint32 State
Definition: instance_sunken_temple.cpp:82
virtual void instance_sunken_temple::instance_sunken_temple_InstanceMapScript::Update ( uint32  )

Reimplemented from InstanceScript.

106  {
107  switch (State)
108  {
109  case GO_ATALAI_STATUE1:
110  if (!s1 && !s2 && !s3 && !s4 && !s5 && !s6)
111  {
112  if (GameObject* pAtalaiStatue1 = instance->GetGameObject(GOAtalaiStatue1))
113  UseStatue(pAtalaiStatue1);
114  s1 = true;
115  State = 0;
116  };
117  break;
118  case GO_ATALAI_STATUE2:
119  if (s1 && !s2 && !s3 && !s4 && !s5 && !s6)
120  {
121  if (GameObject* pAtalaiStatue2 = instance->GetGameObject(GOAtalaiStatue2))
122  UseStatue(pAtalaiStatue2);
123  s2 = true;
124  State = 0;
125  };
126  break;
127  case GO_ATALAI_STATUE3:
128  if (s1 && s2 && !s3 && !s4 && !s5 && !s6)
129  {
130  if (GameObject* pAtalaiStatue3 = instance->GetGameObject(GOAtalaiStatue3))
131  UseStatue(pAtalaiStatue3);
132  s3 = true;
133  State = 0;
134  };
135  break;
136  case GO_ATALAI_STATUE4:
137  if (s1 && s2 && s3 && !s4 && !s5 && !s6)
138  {
139  if (GameObject* pAtalaiStatue4 = instance->GetGameObject(GOAtalaiStatue4))
140  UseStatue(pAtalaiStatue4);
141  s4 = true;
142  State = 0;
143  }
144  break;
145  case GO_ATALAI_STATUE5:
146  if (s1 && s2 && s3 && s4 && !s5 && !s6)
147  {
148  if (GameObject* pAtalaiStatue5 = instance->GetGameObject(GOAtalaiStatue5))
149  UseStatue(pAtalaiStatue5);
150  s5 = true;
151  State = 0;
152  }
153  break;
154  case GO_ATALAI_STATUE6:
155  if (s1 && s2 && s3 && s4 && s5 && !s6)
156  {
157  if (GameObject* pAtalaiStatue6 = instance->GetGameObject(GOAtalaiStatue6))
158  UseStatue(pAtalaiStatue6);
159  s6 = true;
160  State = 0;
161  }
162  break;
163  }
164  };
ObjectGuid GOAtalaiStatue1
Definition: instance_sunken_temple.cpp:74
Definition: instance_sunken_temple.cpp:33
ObjectGuid GOAtalaiStatue5
Definition: instance_sunken_temple.cpp:78
void UseStatue(GameObject *go)
Definition: instance_sunken_temple.cpp:166
Definition: instance_sunken_temple.cpp:35
bool s4
Definition: instance_sunken_temple.cpp:87
ObjectGuid GOAtalaiStatue3
Definition: instance_sunken_temple.cpp:76
bool s1
Definition: instance_sunken_temple.cpp:84
Definition: instance_sunken_temple.cpp:32
Definition: instance_sunken_temple.cpp:34
uint32 State
Definition: instance_sunken_temple.cpp:82
Definition: instance_sunken_temple.cpp:37
bool s3
Definition: instance_sunken_temple.cpp:86
Map * instance
Definition: InstanceScript.h:148
Definition: GameObject.h:880
ObjectGuid GOAtalaiStatue4
Definition: instance_sunken_temple.cpp:77
bool s5
Definition: instance_sunken_temple.cpp:88
Definition: instance_sunken_temple.cpp:36
GameObject * GetGameObject(ObjectGuid const &guid)
Definition: Map.cpp:3545
bool s2
Definition: instance_sunken_temple.cpp:85
ObjectGuid GOAtalaiStatue2
Definition: instance_sunken_temple.cpp:75
ObjectGuid GOAtalaiStatue6
Definition: instance_sunken_temple.cpp:79
bool s6
Definition: instance_sunken_temple.cpp:89

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void instance_sunken_temple::instance_sunken_temple_InstanceMapScript::UseStatue ( GameObject go)
167  {
168  go->SummonGameObject(GO_ATALAI_LIGHT1, go->GetPositionX(), go->GetPositionY(), go->GetPositionZ(), 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0);
170  }
GameObject * SummonGameObject(uint32 entry, float x, float y, float z, float ang, float rotation0, float rotation1, float rotation2, float rotation3, uint32 respawnTime)
Definition: Object.cpp:2372
void SetUInt32Value(uint16 index, uint32 value)
Definition: Object.cpp:996
Definition: instance_sunken_temple.cpp:39
float GetPositionY() const
Definition: Position.h:105
float GetPositionZ() const
Definition: Position.h:106
Definition: UpdateFields.h:319
float GetPositionX() const
Definition: Position.h:104

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Member Data Documentation

ObjectGuid instance_sunken_temple::instance_sunken_temple_InstanceMapScript::GOAtalaiIdol
ObjectGuid instance_sunken_temple::instance_sunken_temple_InstanceMapScript::GOAtalaiStatue1
ObjectGuid instance_sunken_temple::instance_sunken_temple_InstanceMapScript::GOAtalaiStatue2
ObjectGuid instance_sunken_temple::instance_sunken_temple_InstanceMapScript::GOAtalaiStatue3
ObjectGuid instance_sunken_temple::instance_sunken_temple_InstanceMapScript::GOAtalaiStatue4
ObjectGuid instance_sunken_temple::instance_sunken_temple_InstanceMapScript::GOAtalaiStatue5
ObjectGuid instance_sunken_temple::instance_sunken_temple_InstanceMapScript::GOAtalaiStatue6
bool instance_sunken_temple::instance_sunken_temple_InstanceMapScript::s1
bool instance_sunken_temple::instance_sunken_temple_InstanceMapScript::s2
bool instance_sunken_temple::instance_sunken_temple_InstanceMapScript::s3
bool instance_sunken_temple::instance_sunken_temple_InstanceMapScript::s4
bool instance_sunken_temple::instance_sunken_temple_InstanceMapScript::s5
bool instance_sunken_temple::instance_sunken_temple_InstanceMapScript::s6
uint32 instance_sunken_temple::instance_sunken_temple_InstanceMapScript::State

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